Welcome to Be Healthy With Wendy!

I have developed a passion for being healthy since a visit to the doctors’ office after my mother’s death from diabetes. I want to change the generational curse that so many believe “It runs in the family”, yes it does because the family eats the same diet!

Let’s change this by changing our mindset. In 2019, after my mother's death, I was confronted with a diagnosis of being pre-diabetes and hypertension. I decided I didn’t want to take any medication and wanted to do things naturally. My doctor told me to lose some weight and that would help with my situation. I was tipping the scale at 299.5 lbs. I had to own it and started my journey. Many of my coworkers, friends and family consistently asked me what I was doing to lose weight but to be honest, at that time, I had just stop eating the junk food and
drinking soda.

After a few months I was discouraged because I plateau and so I gained back weight. I consulted and tried many weight-loss programs and they worked, but one thing they didn’t do was help me keep the weight off. This is when I started reading books about food, decided to get my yoga and coaching certification. I also received my food handling license and started my health journal.

I began sharing everything that I learned about food and healthy living with other women and groups. I finally understood and appreciated that being healthy is a mindset and a lifestyle change. I also realized that skinny people also suffer from the same diseases. After changing my mindset and educating myself I started seeing progress and became motivate to share my journey with others.

I have helped individuals become motivated, educated, engaged, and inspired to make changes that are permanent in their lives and stop the yo-yo dieting cycle. My focus is to teach, empower, and motivate my clients to appreciate the value of Healthy living. You can have all the money in the world but it can’t buy you optimum health. I also want to support more individuals on their wellness journey because it goes beyond what you eat and exercise. My services include 1:1 coaching, wellness workshops, chair yoga and meditation classes, food shopping to win, smoothie making, meal prep menus, recipes, and group coaching.

Thank you for visiting my site, book a free consultation and see if we are the right fit. I wish you success on your health journey.